Highlights at Few Body XI

  • Tatuya Sasakawa
Conference paper
Part of the Few-Body Systems book series (FEWBODY, volume 1)


The Eleventh International IUPAP Conference on Few Body Systems in Particle and Nuclear Physics (Few Body XI) was held at Tokyo Prince Hotel from 24th to 26th August and at Sendai Civic Auditorium from 27th to 30th August under the auspices of IUPAP, the Science Council of Japan and the Physical Society of Japan. The number of participants was 230, among them 130 from Japan, 28 from USA, 13 from West Germany, 8 from Canada, 5 from Italy and also 5 from Switzerland, etc., altogether from 24 countries. Works by 542 authors were presented in the form of 210 contributed papers, among which 106 articles were discussed in the poster sessions.


Nucleon Momentum Faddeev Calculation Pion Absorption Triton Binding Energy High Momentum Component 
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