Forces and Motions Across the Neck in Patients Treated with Halo-vest for Unstable Cervical Spine Fractures

  • B. Lind
  • H. Sihlbom
  • A. Nordwall


The Halo-vest apparatus is used for stabilizing cervical spine injuries [1–6]. The device is considered to restrict motion in extension/flexion more effectively than other orthoses. Johnson et al. [2, 3] found only 4% of normal motion possible. Patients treated with Halo-vest are allowed to be ambulated immediately, and yet the apparatus is as effective in promoting healing of cervical spine injuries as other conservative methods of treatment. However, little is known about motions of the spine and the forces across the neck in different exercises during the Halo-vest treatment [4].


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  • H. Sihlbom
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  • A. Nordwall
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