Stable Posterior Fusion of the Atlas and Axis by Transarticular Screw Fixation

  • F. Magerl
  • P.-S. Seemann


Various methods have been described for the surgical treatment of acute or chronic atlanto-axial instability. Anterior techniques (Cloward [4], Fang and Ong [7], Estridge [6]) have well known disadvantages connected with the approach. Both the lateral (Barbour [1], du Toit [5], Simmons [11] and the combined techniques Boehler [2]) require two approaches. Posterior techniques (Gallie [9], Brooks [3]), while having the easier approach rely on the integrity of the posterior atlas arch and their stability is not at the best in treatment of dens pseudarthrosis (Boehler [2]).


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  • P.-S. Seemann
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