Reoperative Cases After Anterior Spinal Decompressive Surgery for Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy

Results and Adverse Effect
  • K. Hirabayashi


During 1963 to 1984, anterior decompressions followed by the intervertebral fusion were performed on 203 cases of cervical myelopathy due to the herniated soft disc and the cervical spondylosis involving less than three intervertebral levels, and of cervical myelo-radiculopathy (so-called Keegan type). Alternatively 56 cases had posterior decompression performed on cervical myelopathies due to spondylosis involving over four levels, and narrow spinal canal less than 12 mm of A–P diameter. Furthermore, combined posterior and anterior decompressions were performed on 11 cases having both anterior and posterior pathogenesis in the spinal canal.


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