Fracture Separation of the Articular Process of the Inferior Cervical Vertebra: a Comprehensive Review of 13 Cases

  • J. M. Fuentes
  • J. Benezech
  • B. Lusszie
  • J. Bloncourt


The fracture separation of the articular process was first described by Judet and Roy Camille [6]. Usually this type of fracture is unilateral and concerns the inferior cervical spine (C3–C7). In some cases one can see an anterolisthesis on the lateral view of the X-rays mirroring the unilateral luxation of the flexion rotation fractures. In other cases with no displacement the lesion is difficult to identify while further displacement can occur eventually.


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  • J. M. Fuentes
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  • J. Benezech
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  • B. Lusszie
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  • J. Bloncourt
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  1. 1.MontpellierFrance

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