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  • Christian Puff
Part of the Plant Systematics and Evolution book series (SYSTEMATICS, volume 3)


The present investigations are based on the study of living material, plant parts fixed in the field (voucher specimens in herbarium WU) or in the greenhouse and herbarium specimens of the following herbaria and institutions: B, BM*, BOL*, BR*, BSB, COI, E, ETH*, FI, G, GH*, GOET, GRA, J*, K*, KMG, LISC, LISU, LMA*, LMU*, LY, M, MAL*, MO, NBG*, NH*, NHT*, NU*, P, POZ, PRE*, PRU*, PUC, S, SAAS, SAM*, SRGH*, STE*, TAN*, UPS*, US, W*, WAG, WIND*, WU and Z (abbreviations after Holmgren, Keuken & Schofield 1981; and asterisk denotes that the herbarium or institution was also visited).


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