Microprobe Measurements to Determine the Melt Equilibria of High-Alloy Nickel Materials

  • B. Prinz
  • G. Rudolph
Conference paper
Part of the Mikrochimica Acta Supplementum book series (MIKROCHIMICA, volume 11)


High-alloy nickel materials are increasingly used in chemical equipment manufacturing and plant engineering and in the energy technology sector because of their good corrosion-resistance which is often combined with a high creep strength. In addition to Ni, Cr and Fe, these alloys contain above all significant quantities of Mo, Nb or Co as well as Al, Ti and other elements. These alloys are manufactured into sizable semis in the form of plates and forgings. Both the resistance of these materials to stress during operation and their weldability at the equipment manufacturing stage are affected by the fact that segregation and its consequences (precipitates) tend to increase as the size of the workpieces increases. It is therefore important for the semis’ producer to reduce the segregating tendency of these materials also in large sized components, all the more so because segregation in castings may reduce the output already at the production stage or require entire components to be rejected because of hot-forming problems.


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  • B. Prinz
    • 1
  • G. Rudolph
    • 1
  1. 1.Metall-LaboratoriumMetallgesellschaft AGFrankfurt/MainFederal Republic of Germany

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