Selection and Qualification Tests of High Temperature Materials by Special Microanalytical Methods

  • Volker Thien
Conference paper
Part of the Mikrochimica Acta Supplementum book series (MIKROCHIMICA, volume 11)


High Temperature Materials are defined as those materials, of which the operation temperature is permanently at or above 700 °C (after Dienst14). Typical fields of application are e.g. automotive engines, high temperature reactors, apparatus of chemical industry plants, and gas turbines for aircraft engines and power plants (stationary gas turbines), as well. In the present paper, the application of High Temperature Materials for blades of stationary gas turbines is used to demonstrate to which extent microanalytical investigations — mainly the combination of several methods — can influence the selection and qualification of materials themselves and the characterization of protective coating systems; a prospect for the near future is also given.


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  • Volker Thien
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  1. 1.Division of Materials Engineering and ResearchKraftwerk Union AGMülheim/RuhrFederal Republic of Germany

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