Pathologic Morphology

  • Rainer Gottlob
  • Robert May


In normal veins mechanical traumatization or perfusion of highly acidic, alcaline, hypertonic or hypotonic solutions or protein-binding substances results in largely similar morphologic changes of the endothelium. Endothelial cells scale off singularly or in groups or, in the case of more intensive noxae, completely. Instead of the pattern of endothelial cement-lines predominantly aligned with the longitudinal axis of the vessel, “transverse lines”, i.e. silver lines visualizing the deeper layer of the media and aligned transversely to the axis of the vessel, can be found in increasing quantities. It is only certain noxae, such as cationic detergents, free iodide-ions or organic solvents that completely prevent cement and transverse lines from being stained.


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