Anesthesiological Techniques in Laser Neurosurgery

  • R. Urciuoli


The introduction of laser use in neurosurgery has modified operative techniques and improved the quality of surgical management, as well as influencing general anesthesia. Surgical and anesthesiological procedures in neurosurgery, more than in the other surgical fields, are strictly complementary. Surgery may be facilitated and its consequences better controlled but anesthesiological procedures may also cause serious damage indirectly to healthy tissue surrounding a lesion. However selective and less traumatic surgical maneuvers can facilitate anesthesia and limit the negative effects of drugs and anesthetic techniques by allowing less prolonged administration and lower doses of drugs, and by requiring less complicated and dangerous techniques or reducing at least the time of their use. The direct relationship of anesthesia to cerebral physiology and intracranial dynamics in surgical procedures suggests on the operative field some anesthesiological considerations for those operations in which laser sources (CO2-Nd-YAG and argon) are routinely employed.


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