Basic Vascular Surgical Techniques

  • Michael Staudacher


Longitudinal opening and transverse stitching (as for instance, the intestine) is not possible in the case of vessels. Therefore, when closing an arteriotomy, it is best to use a graft from a strip of vein (venous patch), which should be taken from the periphery of the trunk of the great saphenous vein. This patch plastic operation should prevent stenosing the artery by the suture. The central great saphenous vein should be left intact because of the possibility of a later need for a vascular operation. Therefore, before a planned vascular operation, the entire leg should be washed until sterile so as to allow us to remove such a vein fragment quickly in case of need. If this is not possible, a piece of an arm vein (cepahlic vein or basilic vein) can be removed for a patch.


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