Temperature Dependences of Positive-Ion Molecule Reactions

  • N. G. Adams
  • D. Smith


The thermalised afterglow plasma, in association with appropriate diagnostic techniques, is a suitable medium for investigating a wide variety of ionic processes under well-defined conditions. The pioneering work of S.C.Brown and M.A.Biondi and their co-workers using the pulsed (stationary) afterglow/ microwave cavity diagnostic technique has provided a wealth of data,notably that relating to electron-ion dissociative recombination. Pulsed afterglows have also been used successfully by H.J.Oskam, D.Smith and W.C.Line-berger and their colleagues to study a wide variety of processes. Brief summaries of these studies, including descriptions of the experimental techniques, are given in the book by McDaniel and Mason [l]. Later the flowing afterglow was conceived,developed and exploited by E.E.Ferguson, I.G.lehsenfeld and A.L.Schmeltekopf at Boulder to study ion-molecule reactions at thermal energies. The flowing afterglow has subsequently been exploited to great effect by the Boulder group and by several other groups, and this work has laid the foundations for an understanding of ion-molecule reactions at thermal energies. The flowing afterglow technique has been discussed in detail by Ferguson et al. [2], and it has been compared and contrasted with the more recently developed Selected Ion Plow Tube (SIET) technique by Smith and Adams [3].


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