Stimulus-Sensation — Relationship in the Cornea

  • Jörg Draeger


Sensitivity thresholds alone give little information about the quality of sensation and they say nothing about the intensity feit by the patients. Therefore we carried out the following series of experiments with the new esthesiometer:

To determine the correlation between stimulus strength and sensation, six different forces (1.5 − 3 − 6 − 12 − 24 − 48 × 10−5N) were applied in a random sequence. Points of measurement were the corneal center and the limbus at 6:00 o’clock, one mm inside the cornea. Seven subjects were asked to classify the Stimuli as “no feeling,” “very weak,” “moderate,” “strong” and “very strong” without any previous training. They compared and classified the Stimuli only according to their experience.


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