How to Use the Esthesiometer

  • Jörg Draeger


The procedure should first be briefly explained to the patient. We suggest that the following points be discussed:
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    The various sensations which are produced by the measurements should be briefly described: heat, cold, tickling sensations, irritations and the sensation of touch.

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    It should be emphasized that even the slightest sensation should be indicated. (We frequently use the comparison that “even the sensation of a fine stream of air which passes the eye” should be indicated. To illustrate this point the skin of the hand can be gently touched with a piece of gauze.)

  3. 3.

    It has to be emphasized that no painful sensation should be expected. After such an explanation it is rare to find patients who are so apprehensive that their defense reflexes would make measurements difficult. (Similar conditions exist for applanation tonometry.)



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