Corneal Sensitivity as an Indicator for the Reinnervation of the Cornea After a Cataract Incision or After a Perforating Keratoplasty

  • Jörg Draeger


Corneal nerves are cut during certain surgical procedures on the anterior segment. This may lead to a partial or a complete loss of corneal sensitivity. The reinnervation can be studied on the basis of histologic examinations or clinically with the esthesiometer. Numerous authors have used one or both methods to investigate the recovery of corneal sensitivity (Cerise, 1908; Schröder, 1923; Marx, 1925; Babel and Campos, 1946; Franceschetti and Babel, 1947; Escapini, 1948; Kornblueth, Maumenee and Crowell, 1949; Maumenee and Kornblueth, Conner Moss 1949; Rexed, U., 1950; Rexed, B., and Rexed, U., 1951; Schirmer and Mellor, 1961; Kemmetmüller, 1969; Zorab, 1971; Rüben and Colebrook, 1979). These investigators used for the sensitivity measurements cotton threads, nylon threads, the hairs of v. Frey or the esthesiometer of Cochet and Bonnet. The determined time for the reinnervation varied greatly according to the method used. This is because with none of the previously available methods the threshold of corneal sensitivity can be determined exactly, nor can the extent of reinnervation be followed quantitatively. The cataract extraction and the perforating keratoplasty are classical models for such examinations - the corneal nerves are cut over a large area during the cataract incision and over the entire circumference during a keratoplasty.


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