Ribosome Biogenesis in the Life Cycle of Normal and Cancer Cells

  • Asen A. Hadjiolov
Part of the Cell Biology Monographs book series (CELLBIOL, volume 12)


Since the pioneer work of Caspersson (1950) and Brachet (1957) we have known that the activity of the nucleolus is directly related to RNA and protein synthesis. A correlation between ribosome biogenesis and normal and malignant cell growth has since been supported by numerous studies (see Busch and Smetana 1970). Here I shall try to outline presently available evidence on the role of ribosome biogenesis in the life cycle of eukaryotic cells and the changes observed under different physiological and pathological conditions. Emphasis will be placed on the correlation between the biochemical studies on ribosome biogenesis and the cytological observations on nucleolar structure in higher eukaryotes. Hopefully, elucidation of the molecular texture of cellular structures will help to understand better the comportment of the cell in health and disease.


Ribosome Biogenesis Spherical Body rRNA Synthesis Granular Component rDNA Transcription 
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  • Asen A. Hadjiolov
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