• Wilbur J. Gould
  • Van L. Lawrence
Part of the Disorders of Human Communication book series (DISORDERS, volume 8)


In conclusion, it is the author’s hope that an overview of some of those procedures which are included in the surgical care of vocal disorders will have been furnished to an audience which would be composed of voice practitioners, therapists, teachers, speech diagnosticians, possibly the neophyte otolaryngology resident, and perhaps, and with the help of his speech therapist as guide and mentor, the interested patient himself. The effort has not been intended as a handbook to guide the operating laryngologist, nor as a surgical atlas. Rather, it has been our intention to discuss those procedures which we have now enumerated and to interpolate where we felt it appropriate, judgmental comments upon them. We have also taken this forum in which to express our views and our philosophies regarding many of the fundamental surgical exercises in the otolaryngic armentarium which is ours, both here in the United States, and in Japan as well.


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