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Histochemistry of Sialic Acids

  • Charles F. A. Culling
  • Philip E. Reid
Part of the Cell Biology Monographs book series (CELLBIOL, volume 10)


The aim of this chapter will be to escort the reader through the maze of histochemical methodology available for the location and identification of sialic acids and their variants in tissue sections. We shall confine most of our discussion to those forms of sialic acid which can be demonstrated histochemically, the methodology by which they may be differentiated and the degree of specificity which may be achieved when using such methods. We shall endeavour to give both the practical and theoretical reasons for the methodology we advocate, and support such reasoning both by our personal research experience and that published in the literature. Areas which are still undefined will be delineated as such, although suggestions for their elucidation may be advanced.


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