The Analysis of Energy Demand: An Overview

  • Bertrand Chateau
  • Bruno Lapillonne
Part of the Topics in Energy book series (TENE)


For a good understanding of energy demand issues, it is necessary to recall the content of the most common concepts used by the energy economist (demand,consumption, primary, secondary and final energy), and to propose a definition for the more recent and less well-defined concepts such as “useful energy” and “energy needs”. After these introductory definitions, we shall give the main outlines of our method of analysis. Then will follow a series of more general considerations concerning the role of prices in the energy field, which will serve as a background to the analysis of the energy demand in the various energy-consuming sectors of the economy.


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  • Bertrand Chateau
    • 1
  • Bruno Lapillonne
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  1. 1.Institut Economique et Juridique de l’EnergieGrenobleFrance

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