Assembly and Morphogenesis

  • Samuel Dales
  • Beatriz G. T. Pogo
Part of the Virology Monographs book series (VIROLOGY, volume 18)


The temporal sequence of events in poxvirus morphogenesis can be correlated with the appearance of early and late classes of virus polypeptides as characterized by their PAGE gel profiles (Moss and Salzman, 1968; Pennington, 1974) and their antigenic properties (Loh and Riggs, 1961; Salzman and Sebring, 1967; Wilcox and Cohen, 1967; Cohen and Wilcox, 1968). The virions are assembled in specific cytoplasmic foci of viroplasm out of pools of viral DNA, the requisite virus-specified proteins and host-derived lipids (Cairns, 1960; Loh and Riggs, 1961). The reconstructed sequence of assembly stages is based upon numerous complementary biochemical, genetic and structural studies (Figs. 19 A—I), carried out mainly with the prototype vaccinia virus. However, the scheme most probably represents a basic pattern pertinent to all viruses in this Family.


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