Muscular Neurotisation in Ophthalmology — A New Method to Treat Pareses of Extraocular Muscles

  • H. AichmairII.


In modern reconstructive surgery, the treatment of paretic muscles gains more and more importance. The surgeon tries to reestablish the original physiological conditions, to reconstruct the original innervation as exactly as possible. In some groups of muscles only the method of muscular neurotisation offers the possibility to recover the initial functional and reflex unity of the paralysed muscle. Muscular neurotisation is the growth of preterminal nerve fibers from an implanted healthy muscle into the paretic host muscle which induces the development of medullated nerve fibers and motor end plates.


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  1. 1.Second Ophthalmological University Clinic of ViennaAustria
  2. 2.Universitäts-AugenklinikWienAustria

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