Anticommutative Integration and Fermi Fields

  • P. Krée
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Let Z be a complex and separable Hilbert space. Norbert Wiener has constructed an isometry of the Symmetrie Fock Space Fock(Z) onto same L2-space. I. Segal and L. Gross have proposed an L2-picture of the antisymmetric Fock space F+(Z) using non-commutative Integration theory. The scope of this lecture is the introduction of a new L2-picture of Fock+ (Z). An explicit formula is given for the intertwining operator; and the result is similar to the corresponding result in the commutative case [3]. Hence a free index ε = ± is introduced: ε = − means “Symmetrie and ε = + means “antisymmetric“. Hence the case of mixed fields with bosons and fermions can be treated by tensor product.


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