Alpine Joints and Valleys in the Light of the Neotectonic Stress Field

  • A. E. Scheidegger
Part of the Rock Mechanics / Felsmechanik / Mécanique des Roches book series (ROCK, volume 9)


It is contended that the orientation of joints as well as of valleys in the Alps is intrinsically determined by the orientation of the neotectonic stress field in that region. Conversely, the orientation of the principal neotectonic stresses in the Alps can be inferred from a statistical analysis of the orientation of joints and valleys. Evidence is adduced to support the above contention on a small (local) as well as on a large (continental) scale.


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  • A. E. Scheidegger
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  1. 1.Institute of GeophysicsTechnical UniversityWienAustria

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