Morphological Aspects

  • Luigi Pellettieri
  • Christer Uhlemann
Part of the Acta Neurochirurgica book series (NEUROCHIRURGICA, volume 29)


In the previous chapter the overall aims of the study were formulated. The purpose of the study is to analyse retrospectively a clinical series of patients with AVM and define adequate criteria for selection of the most suitable mode of therapy—surgery or conservative treatment. A prerequisite for the study was that comparisons of the results of treatment in the two groups were made between patients who were comparable with respect to individual characteristics as well as variables relating to AVM. This chapter presents an analysis of the clinical material with respect to AVM vascularization, size and location. These variables are related to each other and to the patient’s age and sex. This description of the static part of the patient-AVM constellation constitutes a basis for subsequent analysis.


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