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It is again my task to give a summary of talks, which were already excellent summaries (which is a hard thing to do).I start with my thanks for all our lecturers for their labour. I think I share the opinion of the audience, if I say, that they really did a good job. How did now Gauge Theories present themselves at this meeting? Let me begin with the statement, that gauge theories have really led to a turning point in the development of High Energy physics. For quite some time the concepts of space-time and dynamics (in the literal sense of temporal development) had been abandoned to a large extent in favour of S-Matrix theory; the momentum description has been so much preferred to local concepts in space-time, that it was even possible to get a paper rejected by a referee with the remark, that “it deals with field theory, in which nobody is interested any more”. Now we are back to field theory and Lagrangian dynamics again. I cannot resist in this context to mention, that it was the inventor of the S-matrix concept, who had always insisted, that fields-even if they are not directly observable — should be preferred because it is much easier to formulate dynamics and causality in these terms, S-Matrix concepts being too complicated as a language.


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