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  • Gerhard Orf
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It is the object of this paper to establish the limit of tolerable elongation beyond which severe injuries to the parenchyma will occur, impairing the regeneration of nerve tissue as well as the return of function after a simple circular suture. We intend to establish anew the critical resection length and critical gap distance pertaining to end-to-end sutures and to express their size as a percentage of the total nerve length. Critical resection length may either refer to a section to be resected from a still-continuous nerve (e.g.,a tumor), or to a loss of substance including that caused by freshening of stumps, after a traumatic lesion. The retraction of nerve ends is not taken into account in this case, whereas the dimension of critical gap distance always includes the size of the lesion as well as the extent of retraction which is present before initial debridement after a trauma.


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