Possible Pharmaceutical Approaches to the Control of R-Factors

  • Julian Davies
Conference paper
Part of the Topics in Infectious Diseases book series (TIDIS, volume 2)


Strains carrying resistance plasmids (R+) have become an integral part of the bacterial population; although the proportions of these strains, relative to those without resistance plasmids (R), varies from place to place, it can be assumed that R+ strains will continue to interfere with antibiotic therapy. The object of this exercise was to consider what steps may be taken to reduce or eliminate R+ strains; the earlier discussion had focussed on epidemiological aspects and the strategy of drug use. This discussion asked questions about special properties of R+ strains that might be exploited as targets of pharmaceutical agents to eliminate R+ strains and restore normal flora, or incapacitate their antibiotic resistance functions.


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