Viral Replication in Cell Cultures

  • R. Walter Schlesinger
Part of the Virology Monographs Die Virusforschung in Einzeldarstellungen book series (VIROLOGY, volume 16)


Adsorption of plaque-forming dengue-2 virus on KB cell monolayers follows essentially similar kinetics at 37° and at 28° C. At either temperature, the maximum number of PFU adsorbed is reached between 90 and 120 minutes after infection. However, it is reduced about 2-fold at the lower temperature (Schulze and Schlesinger, 1963a). According to Stim (1970a), adsorption is promoted by magnesium, reduced by calcium ions. The nature of cellular receptors has not been identified. The viral attachment site is likely to reside in the envelope glycoprotein (VP-3).


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