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Remarkable passages from a paper by Osgood (1828), commenting on an outbreak of “dengue” in Havana, Cuba, are quoted by Carey (1971): “The people of Havana have named this strange fever ‘El Dengue’ which word signifies, literally, affectation... The dengues has, as yet, only prevailed in the places to which the yellow fever has been limited. It has not spread to the interior of Cuba, although, at the end of five months from the time of its rise in Havana, it continues to attack most of the persons who come to the city from the country... I have been led to consider the specific cause of the disease of the present time, and that of the yellow fever, to be the same. The subjects have become altered in their constitutions; but the generating cause both of the new and the old fever remains unchanged.” Although Carey assigns the West Indian outbreak to the chikungunya category (Table 1), this early hint at epidemiological coincidence is no less striking.


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