Properties of Parvoviruses

  • Günter Siegl
Part of the Virology Monographs / Die Virusforschung in Einzeldarstellungen book series (VIROLOGY, volume 15)


Viruses classified within the genus Parvovirus of the family Parvoviridae share identical physicochemical characteristics with members of the genus Adeno-Associated Virus and the genus Densovirus (cf. Nomenclature and Classification, and Table 7). In contrast to viruses enclosed in the latter two genera, however, they all agglutinate red blood cells of at least one species (cf. Table 8). Moreover, these viruses are capable of multiplying in susceptible cells without being supported by the simultaneous replication of a helper virus. The obviously limited genetic information of their nucleic acid nevertheless has to be complemented by specific functions displayed only shortly during the lifecycle of an infected cell.


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