Molecular Aspects of the Biosynthesis of R Factor DNA

  • Royston Clowes
  • Toshihiko Arai
  • Gerry Anderson
Conference paper
Part of the Topics in Infectious Diseases book series (TIDIS, volume 1)


As we have heard from DR.ANDERSON’S presentation, infectious antibiotic resistance determined by plasmids is now a major clinical and economic problem. The ideal measure to reduce the prevalence of such resistant bacteria would clearly be one resulting in the loss of resistance (R) plasmids from the bacterium. Procedures leading to elimination of the R plasmid so far reported are, as we shall hear later, rather arbitrary and not too satisfactory. Clearly, if the control of replication of chromosomal and plasmid DNA were better understood, more suitable elimination regimes could be devised. The experiments reported below investigate the replication of certain plasmids under conditions inhibiting chromosomal replication, as a basis for further experiments exploring the mechanisms controlling replication.


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  • Toshihiko Arai
  • Gerry Anderson

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