Pyelonephritis: Pathogenesis and Unsolved Problems

  • W. R. McCabe


Ten to fifteen years ago, little difficulty would have been encountered in describing the pathogenesis of pyelonephritis. At that time, the recent renaissance of interest in pyelonephritis had convinced most physicians that pyelonephritis was extremely prevalent, was the most common cause of renal insufficiency, and that persistent bacteriuria and chronic pyelonephritis were practically synonymous. Subsequent studies have suggested that our original estimates of the prevalence of pyelonephritis were excessive and that persistent bacteriuria cannot be equated with chronic pyelonephritis. Indeed, most evidence indicates that in adults, without urinary tract obstruction, progression of bacteriuria or acute pyelonephritis to renal insufficiency is either infrequent or only occurs over a very protracted period of time. The relative infrequency of renal insufficiency resulting from urinary tract infection becomes quite apparent when the prevalence of bacteriuria is compared with the number of annual fatalities from renal disease, as shown in Table I. This presents estimates, derived by Kass, of the prevalence of bacteriuria in the United States in 1960 (1), with reported deaths from renal disease, Nephritis and Nephrosis and Infections of the Kidney (2). Thus, even if the assumption is made that all reported deaths from renal disease are actually due to pyelonephritis, only 0.5 % per year or 5 % per 10 years of bacteriurics develop fatal renal insufficiency. Similar reexaminations of many of our concepts of pyelonephritis have resulted in several major controversies concerning basic aspects of this disease. These have even extended to questioning whether chronic pyelonephritis has a bacterial etiology (3).


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