High Molecular Weight Derivatives of Fibrinogen and their Relation to the Total Fibrinogen Content Following the Infusion of Endotoxin in Pregnant Rabbits

  • R. von Hugo
  • H. Graeff
  • G. Müller-Berghaus


High molecular weight derivatives of fibrinogen can be demonstrated in human cases of disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) (1, 2) in concentrations of up to 15 % of the total fibrinogen content (3). At least some of these derivatives could also be shown in uncomplicated human pregnancy (4) but the concentrations observed amounted only to 2–3% of the total fibrinogen content. No high molecular weight derivatives could be demonstrated with the methods applied in plasma of healthy male blood donors.


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  • R. von Hugo
  • H. Graeff
  • G. Müller-Berghaus

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