Biological Consequences of Endotoxin Interaction with Complement

  • A. L. Sandberg
  • R. P. Siraganian
  • S. E. Mergenhagen


The interaction of endotoxin with the complement (C) system may account in part for some of the biological effects observed after endotoxin administration. Several years ago Gewurz, Shin and Mergenhagen (1) demonstrated the ability of endotoxin to preferentially consume the late C components (C3, C5, C6, C7, C8 and C9) with sparing of the early components (C1, C4 and C2). Additional recent studies have established that endotoxin is capable of activating an alternate C pathway which bypasses Cl, C4 and C2 and enters the C sequence at the C3 stage (2, 3). However certain biological activities such as lysis of endotoxin coated erythrocytes appear to require the classical C pathway (4).


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  • R. P. Siraganian
  • S. E. Mergenhagen

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