Changes of Lipoproteinlipase (LPL) after Intravenous Injection of Endotoxin

  • G. Oehler
  • R. Hassinger
  • F. W. Schmahl
  • K. Huth
  • L. Róka


Plasma lipoproteins are assimilated by the peripheral tissues after hydrolytic splitting of the neutral fat portion has taken place through the action of lipoproteinlipase (LPL) (1). The enzyme is supposed to be localized in the vascular walls. LPL activity is released into the plasma within few minutes after the intravenous injection of heparin or other polyanions.


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  • G. Oehler
  • R. Hassinger
  • F. W. Schmahl
  • K. Huth
  • L. Róka

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