Serum Lipids in Experimental Consumption Coagulopathy Induced by Endotoxin and Thorotrast

  • K. Nekarda
  • K. Huth
  • F. W. Schmahl
  • G. Müller-Berghaus


The generalized Shwartzman reaction is identified by glomerular capillary thrombi and bilateral renal cortical necrosis (7). The reaction is the result of two intravenous injections of endotoxin spaced 24 hours apart. The first injection of endotoxin can be substituted by the intravenous administration of thorotrast. Impairment of the reticulo-endothelial system by thorotrast is suggested to be the pathogenic pathway in the production of the Sanarelli-Shwartzman phenomenon after the preparative injection of thorotrast (1, 3).


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  • K. Nekarda
  • K. Huth
  • F. W. Schmahl
  • G. Müller-Berghaus

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