Effect of Endotoxin on Metabolism and the Metabolic Changes in Bacterial Shock

  • L. J. Berry
  • M. W. Laney
  • R. N. Moore


At the Airlie House conference in May 1972, I reported (2) that endotoxin inhibits the synthesis of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PEPCK). This enzyme more than doubles in activity and in amount following an injection of hydrocortisone or the stress of fasting. The increase in amount of enzyme is blocked by either endotoxin or actinomycin D as demonstrated by radial immunodiffusion (12). More recently, Rippe and Berry (13) have found a similar effect of endotoxin on a second inducible hepatic enzyme, trytophan oxygenase (TO). Because isotopically labeled endotoxin has not been found to localize in liver parenchymal cells which contain the inducible enzymes (3, 10), it has been assumed that the observed inhibition of enzyme synthesis is mediated rather than the result of direct action.


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  • M. W. Laney
  • R. N. Moore

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