Endotoxin-Induced Tumor Resistance

  • A. Nowotny
  • C. M. Chang
  • C. H. Chen
  • J. Grohsman
  • H. Liang
  • A. K. Ng
  • N. RoteJr.
  • J. J. Thompson
  • C. Yang Ko


That bacterial infection leads to tumor regression was first reported by Busch(3). The same observation was made by Coley (5), who artificially infected patients with live Stretococci in order to make their tumors undergo necrosis. A tumor necrotizing preparation was isolated from Serratia marcescens by Shear (17) and from E. coli by Ikawa et al. (8). Very recently, infections with live BCG bacteria were used for combined immuno- and chemotherapy of leukemia by Mathe et al. (11).


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  • A. Nowotny
  • C. M. Chang
  • C. H. Chen
  • J. Grohsman
  • H. Liang
  • A. K. Ng
  • N. RoteJr.
  • J. J. Thompson
  • C. Yang Ko

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