The Effect of Detoxified Endotoxin on Bone Marrow

  • B. Urbaschek
  • R.-H. Ringert


Changes in hematological parameters following endotoxin administration have been intensively studied. As early as 1950 an induction of extramedullary hemopoiesis by bacterial pyrogens was observed by Windle, Wilcox, and collaborators (23, 24). Small doses of endotoxins stimulate hemopoiesis (7, 14–18) and increase the number of colony forming units (3, 10, 18). McCulloch et al. (6) found that multiple doses of S. typhosa endotoxin caused an increase in the number of hemopoietic stem cells present in mouse marrow and spleen that could be detected using the spleen-colony assay.


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