The general linear programming problem in n variables (structural as well as slack variables) may be stated as follows:
$$\begin{array}{*{20}{c}} {{A_1}{x_1} + {A_2}{x_2} + ... + {A_n}{x_n} = B} \\ {{x_1} \geqslant 0,\;{x_2} \geqslant 0,...,{x_n} \geqslant 0} \\ {{c_1}{x_1} + {c_2}{x_2} + ... + {c_n}{x_n} = f = \max imum} \end{array}$$
where A 1 , A 2 ,..., A n and B are m-dimensional column vectors the elements of which are the coefficients of the m linear equations (m < n).


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