Concluding Remarks and Summing Up

  • J. Szentágothai
Conference paper
Part of the Journal of Neural Transmission book series (NEURAL SUPPL, volume 11)


It is, first of all, my pleasant duty to express my thanks on behalf of the Biological Section of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to all foreign participants, especially the officers of the Neurovegetative Society and the invited speakers, who have taken the trouble to come to Tihany and who have shared with us the benefits of their studies and experience; our special thanks are due to Professor Csillik and his staff, who have been able, against serious odds—particulary with respect to narrow time limits—to organize this Conference successfully; last but not least I have to thank our local hosts, Inst. Dir. Professor J. Salánki and his staff for their hospitality, and all participants and discussants.


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