Life and Personality of Ludwig Boltzmann

  • D. Flamm
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Let me start in 1872 when Boltzmann’s article “Further Investigations on the Thermal Equilibrium of Gas Molecules”, in which he introduces his celebrated equation was published in the proceedings of the Imperial Academy of Sciences in Vienna. He was then only 28 years old but had been for three years a full professor of mathematical physics at the University of Graz. He used short leaves to work with Bunsen and Königsberger in Heidelberg and with Kirchhoff and Helmholtz in Berlin. In January 1872 he wrote to his mother:“Yesterday I gave a talk at the Physical Society of Berlin. You can imagine that I tried to do my best in order not to bring my native country in disgrace. Hence my head was full of integrals in the last days before the talk… By the way there was no need for much effort because most of the audience did not understand my talk anyway. However Helmholtz had come and an interesting discussion developed between myself and Helmholtz. Since you know how much I like scientific discussions you can imagine how glad I was. Especially since Helmholtz is not very accessible otherwise.


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