A Golgi Analysis of the Sensory-Motor Cortex in the Rabbit

  • T. Tömböl
Conference paper


Renewed interest for Golgi architecture of the neocortex was prompted by the desire to explain electrogenesis, especially during generalized and synchronized activities of the cortex, in terms of neuronal structure and arrangement. Both functional and structural information appears to favour the view that neuronal connectivity is arranged predominantly in the vertical direction, while horizontal connectivity appears to be more limited to relatively short distances —apart from the most superficial and the deepest strata. It is especially the deeper strata where it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish true intracortical horizontal connections from sub-cortical relay between closely neighbouring regions. Attempts at explaining various events of electrogenesis have to consider primarily structures that might ensure sufficient numbers of systematically arranged dipoles, like the dendritic shafts of the pyramid cells, bundles of entering or leaving axons, neuropil regions of determined geometric order, however, the systematics of connexions—i.e., what is connected with what else—cannot be left out from such considerations.


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