Experimental Research on the Ontogenetic Development of the Mechanism of Epileptic Synchronization. Comparative Study on the Immature and Mature Brain

  • D. Volanschi
Conference paper


Experimental studies on the evolution of the paroxysmal synchronization of epileptic type during the ontogenetic development of the mammalian brain from birth to adulthood have been performed in the past 20 years by Bishop (1950), Passouant et al. (1960), Volanschi (1960 a, b), Volanschi et al. (1961), Caveness et al. (1962), Purpura (1962), Crighel et al. (1965), Crighel (1971), Prince and Gutnick (1971).


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  1. 1.Institute of Neurology and Psychiatry of the Academy of Medical SciencesBucharestRomania

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