Latent and Persistent Virus

  • A. S. Kaplan
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Perhaps one of the most interesting features of the herpes simplex and pseudorabies viruses is that following the initial infection, the virus disappears and enters into a quiescent, latent state. Infection recurs only as a reaction to certain stimuli. External factors such as irradiation or skin irradiation, as well as internal factors, such as certain pyrogenic-inducing diseases, will cause the development of facial herpes. The disease has also been produced by artificially induced fever (Carpenter et al., 1940). Menstruation (Scott, 1957), injury to nerves (Carton and Kilbourne, 1952), as well as emotional factors (Blank and Brody, 1950; Schneck, 1947), also play a role in the recurrence of the disease. Sometimes treatment of patients with anti-inflammatory steroids may induce the recurrence of corneal infections from healed herpetic keratitis (Leopold and Sery, 1963).


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