Electromagnetic Equations in Plasma Dynamics

  • Shih-I Pai


The fundamental equations of plasma dynamics discussed in chapter II, § 9 may be roughly divided into two groups: one deals with mainly the gasdynamic quantities (T, p, ρ, u i or their partial values) which may be called the gasdynamic equations; and the other deals with mainly the electromagnetic. quantities (E i , H i , ρ e , J i ) which may be called the electromagnetic equations. Of course, it should be noted that there are interaction terms in these two groups which are very important in our treatment and that the electromagnetic equations of ρ e and J i are derived from the gasdynamic equations as shown in chapter II, § 8. However it is sometimes convenient to make such a division because in this way we may easily compare our results of plasma dynamics with those of ordinary gasdynamics and electrodynamics. The properties of the gasdynamic equations will be discussed in the following chapters because one of our main purposes of this book is to treat the flow problems of plasma which are essentially gasdynamical in nature. In this chapter we shall briefly discuss the properties of electromagnetic equations and the approximations which will be used in our analysis.


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