The Cytoskeleton and the Cytoplasmic Matrix

  • Manfred Schliwa
Part of the Cell Biology Monographs book series (CELLBIOL, volume 13)


Extraction of cells with nonionic detergents not only solubilizes cellular membranes, but also liberates approximately two thirds of the cell’s proteins. Many of these proteins are localized in the cytoplasmic compartment, together with the filaments and microtubules that comprise the cytoskeleton. This simple observation is a useful reminder that the cytoskeleton is but one component of a much more complex compartment known as the cytoplasmic matrix. This section will examine briefly some structural and biochemical aspects of the interrelationship of cytoskeletal and cytomatrical constituents—bearing in mind, however, that the distinction between “skeleton” and “matrix” is ill-defined and largely operational. Based on these considerations an attempt will be made to develop an integrative view of cytoplasmic organization.


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