Linear Time: The System Kl and Its Variants

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The standard picture of time is that of a linear series. This appears not only in ordinary conceptions but is assumed in a great portion of physics. The absolute time of Newtonian physics is a one-dimensional linear continuum; even in relativistic physics the ordering of “local” time series is linear. In terms of the relation U of temporal precedence, this means that the temporal order in such conceptions satisfies the requirement both of transitivity:
$$(Utt\prime \& Ut\prime t\prime \prime ) \supset Utt\prime \prime$$
and connectedness:
$$Utt\prime v t = t\prime v Ut\prime t$$
To conform to standard usage, we shall use < throughout this chapter instead of U, to indicate that the specifically linear case is involved, so that we can rewrite the above as:
$$t < t\prime v t = t\prime v t\prime < t$$


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