Topological Logic

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A particularly illuminating view of temporal logic is obtained by approaching it as a special case of a generic logic of positions. The purpose of this chapter is to present a very versatile family of logical systems of positional or topological logic. These systems are to have a very general nature, capable of reflecting the characteristics of a wide range of logical systems, including not only temporal logic, but also what may be called a locative or place logic, and even a logic of “possible worlds”.


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  1. 3.
    This observation is based on an idea developed by Alan Rose in his paper: Eight-Valued Geometry, in: Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, vol. 3 (1952), pp. 30–44.Google Scholar
  2. 5.
    This chapter is a slightly altered (and abbreviated) version of a paper of the same title by N. Rescher and J. Garson, originally published in The Journal of Symbolic Logic, vol. 33 (1968), pp. 537–548.Google Scholar

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