The travel industry as part of the National Information Network in Norway

  • Kari Aanonsen
Conference paper


In 1994 Norway launched an initiative on developing national information networks, NIN, along with similar initiatives in USA and EU. The travel industry was chosen as one of twelve application areas from different sectors of the Norwegian society, and the project “Network for co-operation and marketing in the travel industry” was established. This paper describes our experiences and visions from the first phase of this project, when we developed a demonstrator for WWW called the Norwegian Tourism Guide and started introducing this to the travel industry. The network will support co-operation between actors from different parts of the country and the industry, based on their economical and technical conditions. The paper describes the organisational, economical and technical models we have developed for building such a network in the travel industry. The WWW demonstrator is described to show how the models can be implemented.


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